Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pinky's Cup of Tea

Pinky was due May 29, and her younger aunty-sister Pinky Jr. was due May 24, but yesterday they both dropped their ligaments and the race was on. In spite of being a first-timer, Pinky Jr. took a traditional approach to the whole kidding, going through the process methodically, lying down to push, making a nest etc., it was just as if she had read a book on how to do it.

She made it to the finish line first, kidding a couple of little pink does in mid-afternoon.

Pinky is a nonconformist and she did not do any of these things and she certainly would never consider reading a book. It was slow going but the farmer went in and poked enough to find out that the first candidate was coming nose and toes. Fine then, take your time. One foot eventually popped out and Pinky still would not lie down. Another foot popped out and the end of a nose, and still no lying down.

"I think you will do better if you lie down to push, Pinky," the farmer suggested in a knowledgeable tone.

Pinky does not take advice, it isn't her cup of tea, if you know so much about it let's see you do it, and she continued strolling nonchalantly around the stall with two footies poking out the back.

The farmer gave a sigh and said, "oh well, have it your way," and went to feed the bucks quickly, then came back.

What happened? Pinky had sucked the feet back in, and was eating alfalfa with relish. I guess I should say with gusto.

"Orlando, Florida!" the farmer cussed, and scolded Pinky for sucking the baby back in.

Pinky couldn't give a drat, she kept eating and strolling. Finally she set in to heavy pushing and she still wouldn't lie down, groaning and stomping her feet like a sumo wrestler.

"That thing is not getting away again," said the farmer, and caught hold of the two legs once they reappeared and inch by inch pulled out probably the biggest doe kid ever born here, covered with little moonspots. Pinky stood up the whole time, demanding world peace and paid holidays at the top of her lungs.

Then for more eating and strolling as the evening ticked away and finally around nine she backed up to the loading dock and dropped off another kid without ever touching the ground except with her feet. This was a girl who would have been the largest doe kid ever born here if she had been born first but as it was she only came in second. She is black and white like her dad. She looks like a pinto pony and eats like a Clydesdale. The farmer thinks there might be a little old kids' saddle up in the hayloft that will fit her. Her name will be Pinky's Cup of Tea.

As soon as they were out Pinky flopped to the ground and took a nap.

Land Whale Beached...

Pinky the Land Whale has calved. Details to follow...