Friday, January 13, 2006

Top Ten Reasons Why Today is a Really Nice Day in the Northwest

10. Right this minute at the farm, it is only raining steadily, rather than pouring

9. Around 9 a.m., we saw a tiny crack of sky that was off-gray instead of completely solid gray. I know, we should have taken a picture, but it passed so quickly there wasn't time

8. We haven't broken the all-time rainy day record yet - heck no, we are only on day 25 in a row

7. The trench the farmer dug yesterday is still carrying some of the rainwater away, so the mud in the barnyard hasn't swallowed any baby goats or sucked anyone's boots off (yet) today

6. The grass will be so green this spring!

5. The horses have left their run-in and are actually grazing. Woops, they went back in. Oh well.

4. The quacking of all the ducks who decided not to go south (why bother, there is a new lake right here) is so soothing.

3. Whatever happens, Mike Brown isn't head of FEMA any more

2. We are still getting room service from the farmer

and the Number One reason why it's a really nice day here in the Puget Sound region:

1. We aren't all standing on the barn roof, waiting for a helicopter!