Thursday, February 18, 2010

T Minus 9

Walker the Talker has been hanging around with the three little wethers. They rush around in a wether pack investigating food sightings. He took Bennett's advice and got his blue back.

It was a beautiful day, probably one of the ten most beautiful days of the year, and that helped.

Willen's long vacation is finally over. A good rider has been coming to ride him. He pretended he only knew how to stumble around like a 3-legged donkey for several days but it didn't take long to outsmart him. Today he was cantering all over and actually sweating. Tomorrow, who knows, maybe he will leave for Churchill Downs.

If anyone ever tries to put a saddle on you, take my advice and collapse on the ground in a dead faint. Moan and slobber a little bit too if you can. If that doesn't work, do a big Frankenstein limp.

The kidding countdown starts today.

Moldy is supposed to have her kids on February 27. She is already talking about it. Today is February 18, so it is T minus 9. Hurry up, Moldy.