Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I decided to make Cherry my best friend for now (BFFN) because she is part Nubian so it will be a big honor for her. Kindness is one of my many nice features. Anyway also I needed someone to watch my kids because I wanted to go out in the front pasture and eat blackberries and my kids are fine and everything but they kind of slow me down when I am trying to get to the best blackberry leaves before Jammies and her little butterball get there first. So anyway I made Cherry my best friend and then I said "oh Cherry by the way I am going to leave my kids with you because I am going to the front pasture so see you later thanks a lot bye."

That is how we do it in the Baby Belle family.

Anyway I forgot to mention Cherry had a kid on Saturday, just a little spindly one, and Cherry is part Nubian and so she has a big bag of milk which one little kid could never possibly hope to drink so I told my kids, "kids, Cherry has a lot of milk so if you get hungry while I am gone help yourselves see you later bye."

Cherry is from a different style of parenting where all you do all day long is gaze at your kids and say, "can I get you anything? Do you need anything? Look at you, how precious you are, would you like some more milk? WHERE DID YOU GO? Oh, there you are, don't do that again, you frightened me terribly, I thought an eagle plucked you up into the sky, how are you feeling, can I get you anything? Would you like some more milk?"

So anyway. See you later bye Cherry.