Friday, September 22, 2006

What Really Happened

Betsy has been telling everyone how good she was at the fair but I heard the farmer telling the neighbor what she really did. First of all the farmer has to dress all in white to show the goats, which according to the farmer is not a good color even though it looks very beautiful on me. So what did Betsy do while she was waiting at ringside to go in the ring, as soon as it was too late for the farmer to change into the extra whites?

She jumped up and put two hoofprints right in the middle of the farmer's shirt. Then while the farmer was trying to brush the dirt off, she jumped up again and put two hoofprints on the farmer's pants. Then while the farmer was trying to brush that dirt off, she grabbed the paper show number pinned to the farmer's shirt and started eating it.

"She's eating your number," one of the spectators kindly pointed out to the farmer. While the farmer grabbed the first half of the number out of Betsy's mouth, she ate the second half.

Then it was time to go into the ring. In the ring, with no number and covered with hoofprints, the farmer thought Betsy would do very well because she had been practicing show-walking at home.

No indeed. Betsy bucked and pranced. While all the other goats were standing politely and chewing their cud, Betsy performed a triple toe loop, followed by the famous "flying swordfish" maneuver, followed by a festive, folk-inflected Lord-of-the-Dance jig.

"You are such a bad girl," the farmer was telling Betsy, just as the judge came up behind them unexpectedly.

"Yes she is," the judge agreed.

But she won the blue ribbon anyway.