Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Somebody Has To

Someone pointed out that if Crumpet is the most famous goat in the world, where does that leave me?

It is a good question.

Anyway Crumpet did not do anything famous yesterday.

Crayola has never been famous or even very well known but yesterday she spent the day acting adorable I am not sure why. She and Jinxy took turns standing by the gate so their backs could be scratched and making adorable sleepy eyes. I am not sure why but they were both putting on a big show of adorability. Where does that leave me, if I am not the most famous or the most adorable goat in the world? I am not in a Doritos commercial either, and I should have been.

I guess I can't worry about that. Last night the coyotes were singing in desperate harmony and they sounded closer than ever and I know the farmer is not a good shot but I guess I can't worry about that either.

It has not rained for a long time here mostly because it has been too cold but this morning the rain started back, cold and sleety and looking fairly interminable. Sometimes it looks like it is only interested in raining for a few minutes, but sometimes it looks fairly interminable and that is what it is doing now and I know the roof in the cottage leaks and as far as the cabana the only news would be if it stopped leaking since it is a sieve.

But the only thing I know about roofs is how to stand on them so what am I going to do.

Sometimes it is just best to get into a zen state and accept the things you cannot change.

Screw that, I am going to do something. About everything. Somebody has to.