Monday, December 28, 2009

Windy Wednesday

Hello my name is Winnie. My real name is Windy Wednesday. I was born on a windy Wednesday. That's how they got the idea for my name.

I have received ten votes in the poll. That is out of 2000+ votes.

What have I done to deserve this award.

Well, I did not win a fancy rosette at the fair. I am not anybody's favorite, not even my own mother's. My milk does not taste like candy. It tastes like really nice milk, the way it's supposed to.

What have I done to deserve this award.

Well I am not the state champion of anything. I do not hog the limelight. I am a plain black and tan LaMancha with no flashy colors. I do not have blue eyes. I do not do a swordfish walk. I walk properly, like I am supposed to.

What have I done to deserve this award.

All I have done for the last six years is to show up for work twice a day every day rain or shine and give more milk than almost anybody else. All I have done is milk through two years when I was a yearling. All I have done is let all the people in the cheesemaking classes milk me.

"Get Winnie," the farmer says when they come. "Anyone can milk Winnie."

All I have done is give extra milk for Stacy's kids or April's kids or Breezy's kids or anybody else's kids when they weren't feeling well enough to milk.

"Get some milk from Winnie," the farmer says when someone else can't feed their kids.

All I have done is come when I am called and leave when I am asked to leave.

That is all I have done. I can see why no one is voting for me.


Claire MW said...

You're a winner in my books Winnie! You have 11 votes now! ;-) All goats should be winners really.

SueP said...

I feel really bad now, because I already voted for nearly everyone else at least once (sometimes twice... or more...), but now I have been shamed into voting for Winnie. I feel really bad and I am sorry. I wish I had voted more for poor Winnie who gets no credit for anything. Poor poor Winnie the unappreciated. Poor Winnie, salt of the earth, with her nose to the grindstone, doing the right thing, day after day with no reward. Everyone, get your guilt on and vote for poor Winnie.

Melodie said...

Wiinie you sound like a really nice goat,a real trouper! I agree with Clair, all goaties are special!

Marigold said...

You seem to be a very nice goat. But let me tell you, *nice* is NOT where it's at.

Queen Quattra said...

Ok, Sue P did make me feel really bad for poor, salt of the earth, nose to the grindstone, does everything right, gets no credit, Windy Winnie! I don't see any reason at all why she can't have a few of my votes too, along with Brandy, who I really think deserves to be GOTY!
I do have a question though...Is it really true that no one from the Breezy mother to be exact..has never won? That can't be so!