Monday, December 28, 2009


1. What is the point of the Goat of the Year Poll?

There is no point.

2. Does the winner win anything?

Yes, the winner wins a bag of swedish fish and is also featured on the cover of the annual calendar.

3. When is the poll over?

At the end of the year or when we remember to turn it off.

4. Has a wether ever won the poll?

Yes Peanut won.

5. Has a LaMancha ever won?


6. Has any member of the Breezy family ever won?


7. Has a mini ever won the poll?


8. Has a Nubian or Nubian cross ever won?


9. Has a Toggenburg ever won?


10. Has anyone outside the Baby Belle family ever won the poll?

No. The Baby Belle family always wins.

11. Why?

They get the most votes.

1 comment :

Marigold said...

A mini has never won, probably because I was never in the running. Why is that? Don't you think you should have a second running? I should be considered. Perhaps you could have an *Intelligent Goat of the Year* contest or something along that line.