Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Dangerous Case of Mr. Jimmy

Because of the horrible unprecedented heat here in the Northwest I am once again stuck inside with my two cousin-brothers Jimmy and Frank. They are a few days older than me and Zane Gray. Frank is handsome, he is blue-silver with blue eyes and black boots. But as far as personality he is called "the little pill." This is funny because he isn't little. He is very chubby.

On the other hand Mr. Jimmy has the personality of an angel, which happens quite frequently in my family, which is known as the Baby Belle family if you have never heard of us. Usually though it is Aunt Hannah Belle's sons who somehow manage to develop the highly refined family sweetness, perhaps because Aunt Hannah Belle is not only a Baby Belle daughter but also a Marquee daughter.

But anyway Mr. Jimmy is gaining fast on some of the classic sweet Baby Belle Boys of yesteryear, and this is making the farmer very nervous. This morning the farmer was scratching Mr. Jimmy's back and he closed his eyes halfway and snuggled up under the farmer's chin.

"Stop that, Mr. Jimmy," the farmer said. "You know there is a strict policy of no wethers here."


goatgirl said...

Dear Mr. Jimmy, I know for a fact that the goatfarmer needs at least one wether for her hiking team to carry her pack. Somewhere in the barn she has a blue pack that would fit you when you grow up...I've seen it. I have said to the goatfarmer on several occasions that she needs a cute Nigerian wether for packing but she always replies that the milkers do just fine. She has obviously never hiked around with a bag of milk between her legs.
I will work on your campaign.
Dear goatfarmer,
Sounds just like Filbert and you know what a good pack goat he is. He has the half closed eyelid down pat.

DebH said...

Boy oh Boy!! Cuteness times a zillion there!! He is most likeable in a very familiar adorable way:)

Marigold said...

Ah,ha! We have witnessed this tendency in the farmer with little Mr. Peanut. In fact, the goatmother felt REALLY guilty when she went to pick him up and there was the farmer carrying him with tears in her eyes. Oy. On a happier note, though, I myself would like to see the farmer hiking about with that bag of milk between her legs.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Mr. Jimmy reserved by Lori as a wedding present for Rachel and Ladd? Remember Lori will pay top dollar!

goatfarmer said...

I think Lori reserved Frank? So handsome and well spoken?