Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Big Sizzle

Today was a frightening day. It was the hottest day ever in Seattle, 102 degrees. In the shade on our porch at 6:30 it was 103 degrees.

Wendell the pest is a boston bulldog and he started having a heatstroke and had to go in the shower where he knocked over all the shampoos and conditioners not to mention the sea salts and loofahs in an effort to escape from his life-saving treatment. Then he had to wear a bag of frozen peas around his neck. Nobody looks very good in peas, and Wendell is no exception.

But that wasn't the frightening part. The horses also had to have showers and then they rolled in the dust completely coating themselves with dusty mud so that we went from a blond horse and a paint horse and an appaloosa horse to three black horses.

But that wasn't scary.

The scary part was when we were lying in the cooling center in the middle of the afternoon and we suddenly saw a large albino creature approaching in the distance. The creature was huffing and puffing and Zane Gray and me quickly hurried over under our mother to stay out of its way. But it came right for us on a beeline and then it bent over and picked Zane Gray up and I closed my eyes in fear. Oh dear, I thought. Why couldn't it take Frank, the little pill?

But I didn't hear any screaming so I opened my eyes after a minute.

"Don't be afraid," said my mother. "It is just the farmer. In a pair of bermuda shorts."

Very very frightening.


SweetMissDaisy (Anna Wight) said...

Haha!! Your post put me in giggles! Thanks for the laughs! Hope it cools down in your parts today... here in central Texas, I can't even remember how many days in a row we've seen 100+ temps. Makes me sweat just thinking about it... Icy margaritas help. =)

stapeliad said... least the shorts were there...


Marigold said...

Oy. As for Stapeliad's comment...had it been Lori, maybe not. :)

AZ Girly said...

Started reading from the beginning a few weeks back and loving every moment. I was very sorry to hear about Baby Belle, but so thrilled that she has a successor to bring a smile to my day every time I stop by. That being said - oh dear god, how I wish there was a photo of Wendell clad in peas!!!