Thursday, November 08, 2007

My Possible Sabbatical

It is being decided right now whether I will go on sabbatical. Last year Breezy took the year off and did not have any kids and now she looks like a beach ball with legs, even though she doesn't get special milker's grain or anything extra-yummy because she is a dry doe.

The farmer thinks I should take a year off because I have had kids every year for the last four years, and last year I had triplets which ended up giving me milk fever since the triplets were a tad on the ravenous side, but that didn't really bother me since the farmer became my nanny and I got to loll about while my kids were drinking from their bottles, and got lots of extra food and treats and pampering.

I have to say, looking at the difference between my kids and Breezy's kids, that I think it would be a mistake to give me the year off, and if I do get the year off, I want to make sure that I do not have to try to squeak by on grass hay and a tiny smattering of cob, because that type of death march ration really doesn't suit my personality or my station in life, what with being Goat of the Year and so on among other honors.

And also not to mention it but excuse me, where are the fair ribbons won by the Breezy family?


Yang said...

Belle - For what it is worth, my opinion is take the vacation. It will help rejuvenate you for the coming year and will also extend your life. There are always ways of obtaining additional food stuffs if you feel your diet is being sacrificed. Let me know if you need any tips - the goats I share my home with seem to have perfected ways of cobbing extra feed, treats, etc. Or maybe it's just me. Surely your goatfarmer is as gullible as I am?

Marigold said...

Dear Belle,
I wouldn't want to mention any names, but ONE of your last set of triplets is STILL ravenous. In fact, he gets things that others of us only dream about.

goatfarmer said...

yes well I infer that you are making mention of my darling grandson Peanut. Of course he is still hungry. Every prize-winning family works up a big appetite. And I suppose if I take a sabbatical at least my daughter Hannah Belle will still be here to produce more blue-ribbon types. Well, I will think it over.