Thursday, February 10, 2005

Only Four Days to Go!

Good Golly, there are only four days to go in the KIDDING COUNTDOWN! Luckily I have had some excellent name suggestions. Thanks everyone who wrote in! I could always use more ideas, though, so if you think of a good "Belle" name, you can still send it.

Today I will get my birthing haircut. I don't like it much but I don't pitch a fit like some girls. (I don't like to name names but April the Lamancha acts like she is being tortured with red hot needles when she gets her hair cut. You'd think she would be embarrassed acting like such a baby - she is the biggest goat here.)

Here is the list of possible names so far:

Jingle Belle
Tinker Belle
Snow Belle
Belle o' the Ball
Belle Ami (for a boy)
Belle Amie (for a girl)
Belle Ringer

My milk is coming in, and as you probably know, Nigerian milk is the yummiest of all the goat milks. And of course goat milk is a thousand times yummier than cow milk. (Once when I was just a little kid I got cow milk in my bottle and I thought I was going to gag. Yucch!) So that tells you just how yummy Nigerian milk is.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Love your site & your goats! How about the name Southern Belle?


Anonymous said...

"Belle" Oh please "Liberty Bell" without the "e"