Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Good Heavens, we almost had a terrible accident here at the farm yesterday! My daughter Hannah Belle, who is quite an escape artist, decided that she would just jump over the fence to go visit her friend Clipper.

Now Hannah Belle is 8 months old, and she used to be quite a skinny little doeling, but as she has become a teenager her figure is not quite as willowy as it used to be, if you know what I mean. Anyway, Hannah Belle did not quite clear the top of the fence, and on the way down she got her leg caught in the wire, and she was stuck in the fence swinging upside down!

Luckily the farmer happened to be right there or I shudder to think what might have happened. We thought her leg was broken but after she hobbled around for a while she was fine. I hope she has learned a lesson, for once! Anyway, you kids out there, do NOT try to jump wire fences!

If you are keeping track, today is DAY 5 in the KIDDING COUNTDOWN!

Hannah Belle gets a vet check after fence mishap Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

My name is "Snow Belle" and I am a Silkie Hen. If you like my name I would be honored to share it with you for one of your kids :) Since I have never laid an egg myself I will never have my own little "Belle"

Good luck with the babies!

goatfarmer said...

Gosh that's a cute name! My sister's name is Snow Pea, so we have "Snow" names in the family. I will put it on the list. Thanks for writing, Snow Belle!