Monday, November 18, 2013

Mainly on the Plain

We think it was Moldy who said it or it might have been Abby. Nobody in the Baby Belle family would have said it and a LaMancha would never say it, LaManchas come from LaMancha, which is in Spain where the "Man-of" also comes from, and LaMancha in case you didn't know is a high hot arid plain. Arid means dry in case you don't have a dictionary.

So anyway we think it was Moldy, back on that day in August when the flies were buzzing and the sun was beating down on our metal roof and the self-absorbed milkers were hogging all the good shade. We think it was her. She said "I wish it would rain."

And so now lo and behold we are once again up to our pasterns in mud and sitting around waiting for a "considerable" rainstorm with 100% chance of rain predicted. It is already raining, so that is how they know there is a 100% chance of rain.

Great, thanks, good job, way to go, Moldy. And here is the worst part. We are all sitting around the shed glaring at Moldy and of course she doesn't even notice it because she is from Oregon and she is lying around clueless as usual staring out the door at the mud awaiting us when we have to go and get our breakfast and then as if it isn't bad enough right out of the blue she says, "I wish it would stop raining."

Great! Perfect! Thanks, Moldy, we will appreciate that in August when the ground is cracked and the grass is all dead and brown and burnt to a cinder! Way to go, Moldy!


Marblemount Homestead said...

I bet my goats are way more pissed off than yours, because we live in an area of Washington where we get 100 inches of rain a year. It never really gets light outside with all these horrible clouds. My goats are very, very grumpy. So am I (the farmer and milk maid).
At least, my goats have the company of a boyfriend for a month... to accomplish the baby making aspect of our enterprise. He is keeping them entertained, I think.

Marigold said...

Are you sure it was Moldy that said this? Perhaps it was Eo. You know, plotting to take over the world by boat this time? I think Corina and her goats must live in Forks where they have vampires. That would be entertaining. I hope their boyfriend isn't named Edward.

goatfarmer said...