Monday, February 18, 2013

Unsung No More

Nobody ever hears anything about Sandy. Sandy is Pebbles' twin. She is the unsung twin. Sandy likes the background, that's where she lives her whole life. She is always trying to get into the background. Every now and then she is standing around in the background enjoying her anonymity and all of a sudden everyone surges around behind her for some reason, and then she has to scramble to get out of plain view.

She hates being in plain view, she is one of those goats who when you take a picture Pebbles or Cherry are standing with their nose on the camera lens, and Crumpet's head is trying to poke in from the bottom of the picture, and Moldy is lurching in and out of the frame as she jumps up desperately on her back legs to try to get attention, and Pinky is visible off in the distance galloping toward the camera - she didn't know there was going to be a photo shoot because she wasn't paying attention - and the tip of someone's tail is just disappearing from the side of the picture. The tip of the tail belongs to Sandy. We have pictures of one of Sandy's wattles, of her hock, of her tailtip, as she scurries to get out of focus.

Anyway yesterday something very strange happened, the farmer was doing back scratches and the usual petting hogs were clustered around, Jammies and Jinxy and Moldy and Pinky and etc, and out of the blue, Sandy came waddling up to be scratched. And she wouldn't leave, she did some very expert maneuvering to keep her pole position, and she had her back scratched for probably at least ten minutes.

Pinky was very stumped she did not even know who Sandy is, she didn't recognize her standing in the center of attention and she was so surprised she forgot to do any t-boning.

I know what is going on because I am an expert on the subject but an ordinary goat or an intellectual  Nubian like Pinky would obviously be stumped. It's hormones. Sandy is bred to K, aka Promisedland Chaotic Bliss, and the hormones are poking their way through her shell of anonymity. Pretty soon she will be as friendly as a Girl Scout selling Thin Mints.

It's just a matter of time before she starts screaming for attention in Oregonian tongues.


Marigold said...

Perhaps you should consider changing her name to Danika.

Ozarks Goat Girl said...

Hmmmm...Sandy, Pebbles, twins. Was that an S year or a P year? I need to know if Pebbles, one of my alltime favorite Herron Hill goats, is pregnant. Oh, I hope so! If she is not I love her anyway. She is, you know, the imperiously elegant one.

Karen C said...

Damn I love this blog!

Anonymous said...

Karen, I'm glad you said that. I love it, too. Do you think that there is something seriously wrong with us??

Ozarks Goat Girl said...

Righto--this a fabulous blog! But is there something wrong with us goat blog lovers you ask? My husband says yes as he rolls his eyes when I tell him about the most recent goat blog story but to each his own, I say, and I roll my eyes when he talks about old truck renovations. I'm currently reading a book called The Good Good Pig--I would highly recommend it to you animal lovers. The author is a lady who loves animals, in particular this one pig that grows to be 750 pounds and lives 14 years. Her passion for this pig is like my passion for my goats and it is really fun to read the writings of a like minded soul. Such animal understanding and love comes through in this blog where a terrific writing style mixed with a spirit of fun and imagination and name contests and t-shirt promises and the honesty of real life both good and sorrowful makes for excellent reading. Yeah, I LOVE this blog!