Thursday, August 16, 2012

He Made It

Well I don't know why people are always saying they are going to do this that and the other "if the creek don't rise." Because the creek always rises. I don't know why I am thinking about that because we are in the middle of a Northwest drought with no rain predicted until the weekend and temperatures in the mid 90s and right now as far as the creek there isn't any but I guess it is the kind of absence that makes the heart grow fond because I was just thinking about the creek, the way it burbles and so on and how darling that is except when it is burbling up to your neck the way it does most times around here but not now as already mentioned since there is no creek anywhere much less up around your neck. How tiring it is to think these complicated thoughts.

Anyway we have had a lot of visitors this summer way more than usual including visitors from Qatar and Korea and Oregon and Seattle and Burien and Puyallup and Belfair and Oakland, California, not to mention Longbranch right down the road. And some people came to take the cheese class and they came right at the time when we were most worried about Moldy's little son Chance who looked like he might not be long for this world and the people in the cheese class were all very sympathetic and they hoped he would do well and especially one very nice lady and when she was leaving the farmer said, "well, I will let you know how he does," and the lady said no she would be so sad if he didn't make it so best not to let her know anything and the farmer said, well all right then, I will only let you know if he makes it. And she said no, then if you don't let me know anything I will know he didn't make it. And the farmer could see this was all quite sensible and agreed not to tell the lady anything.

But anyway he made it.

Today Chance went out in the front pasture for the first time and he enjoyed it very much. Willen the fat Haflinger came over to look at him and smell his breath and then gave a little stamp of approval and Chance disappeared into the herd like an ordinary baby goat and that was that.


Mimi Foxmorton said...

That's why God made beautiful flowered wellies! (for the creek risin'!) ;)

Hope your week in WONDERFUL!

The Goat Borrower

Ozarks Goat Girl said...

Ordinary is WONDERFUL! isn't it?!

Karen C said...

Great news on Chance. About to rain here in Upstate NY, wish I could send some to you (we need it, but not nearly as much as you do).

Marigold said...

Stamps of approval are worth their weight in Peanuts, as is survival ... and creeks. When you need them.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't think that lady's comment made any sense at all. The farmer should call her up right away and force her to listen to how well the baby is doing. Vivid descriptions of his eating and pooping should be included. It's just wrong to assume that because the whole summer has been crap that this little kid couldn't make it. What a horrible attitude. Yep, a good old force feeding of good news is what that woman needs and the farmer is just the person to do it. Go get 'um, Farmer and let us know how that works out! As always, we are with you in spirit!