Monday, July 02, 2012

Cory Anderson and the Surfing Goat

On Saturday Chella had a little drab baby it was a girl of course since Fred only has doe kids and it popped out without causing much trouble. It isn't flashy like the others it only has one or two spots and it cries a lot for no apparent reason and it is constantly falling asleep just when everybody goes somewhere else and then waking up and bleating like a Highland sheep.

Its name is going to be Coriander but everyone calls it Cory Anderson which doesn't make any sense. The baby is not smart enough to have a name like Cory Anderson. It needs a name like Spot. Right now I can see the baby looking around blankly whenever anyone says Cory Anderson. Coriander was bad enough. No one consults me or these problems wouldn't happen. 

Okay anyway yesterday the farmer went to feed down below and there was a little goat waiting at the gate when the farmer came out and the farmer yelled, "Terra Belle! I have just about had it with you jumping over that fence and you better get back inside right now or you won't get any dinner."

Terra Belle, Hannah Belle's two year old daughter, has been jumping the fence that didn't get fixed and parading around the pasture looking for snacks.

The little goat ignored what the farmer said, not out of rudeness but because it wasn't Terra Belle. It was the new Baby Belle. It had gotten out of its pen somehow and come up to the gate. Charlie was running the fenceline and bawling. He was still locked in the pen.

Our farmer is weak-minded as you probably know and just went on about the feeding, pulling the tractor with the feed bucket and the hay bales into the pasture and shutting the gate and driving down to feed everybody and the new Baby Belle ran alongside a few steps and then did a very nice grand jete and landed in the tractor bucket about three feet up in the air and commenced eating the grain in the feed bucket, not minding that the tractor was heading downhill at a pretty good clip.

"You better get out of there Terra Belle, " the farmer yelled. "You have never done that before and I do not want you starting now!"

The farmer went blathering on down the hill still yelling at the new Baby Belle and wiggling the tractor bucket up and down to try to dislodge the intruder but the intruder held fast, head down in the bucket, surfing along unfazed by any of the farmer's threats and promises.

The farmer doesn't know it yet, but we are going to need a new horse trailer.

The one we have won't hold this girl.


Sparrow said...

ROFLOL! I love her already! That's what we have come to expect from those Belle girls! ^^ Poor Farmer, it's going to be a quite an adventure.

Ozarks Goat Girl said...

Millie, thanks for the update. I do want to remind you of the ugly duckling story once again--you may eat your words when Chella's little girl grows up to be beautiful. One need not have spots to be beautiful, you know. Just ask my goat, (all)Whitey. Since I am not the one dealing with it, I am quite proud of Baby Belle II's surfing antics as she is carrying on her mama's hard earned reputation. Surf on, BB!

Marigold said...

Ah, the horse-trailer jail. Well, sometimes accomodations have to be know, like upgrades. All things upgrade ... eventually. I am wondering if the Farmer ever figured out it wasn't, in actuality, Terror Belle? Perhaps a duplex horse trailer is needed? Personally, I think the Farmer needs a llama. I know, what does that have to do with anything? But then it would give the Farmer something new to think about and keep her in standing with the Farmer over at Minter Bay.

Anonymous said...

Well, so now we know WHY those people are moving to Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

I love that, 'why those people are moving to Hawaii'. I was going to say that it looks like the Belle's will continue to rule.