Wednesday, January 25, 2012


What happened was there was a giant snowstorm followed by a mild windstorm followed by a deluge of rain, followed by a large windstorm. Telephone poles and trees came crashing down. The farmer went to California and we had a farmsitter.

Sky Blue got something stuck in her throat and puzzled the farmsitter by hacking and choking to such an alarming degree that the farmsitter called the farmer in California.

"I hate to mention it," the farmsitter said, "but one of the little goats has suddenly gotten very sick and can't stop coughing."

"One of the little goats?" the farmer said suspiciously. "which one? is it Pebbles?"

"I think it is," the farmsitter opined vaguely, because the farmsitter can't really tell Nigerians apart.

"Text me a picture right away," barked the farmer, even though the farmer is a devout Luddite. The farmsitter texted the picture all the way to California and it was a picture of Sky Blue and the farmer responded breezily, "she will be fine," which was in fact exactly what happened within about a half hour since Sky Blue is such a pig that she gobbles everything in sight and after she stopped choking her dry cob she went to sleep just like a cat in a puddle of light on a windowsill.

Then the next day the farmer came home and surveyed the knee-deep mud in the barnyard and the overflowing Lost Beaver Lake and the bedraggled ponies with their belly straps undone for the 80 millionth time and the fir branches blown every which way and the farmer walked back to the house muttering.



Millie said...

We have forbid our human to ever leave home. You should do the same.

Marigold said...

Tell the Farmer at least nothing fell on the house or the barn. Plus, all that wind ought to make for some nice windsurfing on Lost Beaver Lake... or para-sailing should it come up again. And you KNOW it will.

Anonymous said...

I can send you some o-rings to keep those belly bands in place! Or you can find them at a Lowes or HomeDepot. Just look where all those nifty little sliding drawers are kept, lots of O-rings to select from, works like a charm.

goatfarmer said...

O Rings? They go over the hook at the end or how does it work?

Anonymous said...

Castrating bands will also work!

Ozarks Goat Girl said...

Thank heavens it wasn't Precious Pebbles who was coughing. I had to stop reading and go lie down when I got to that part of your report.

Anthony said...

This is a pretty fun little story. Interesting how you'd have to worry if it was one goat but you know the other well enough to rest easy if something like this happens. Just goes to show, goats have just as much personality as a dog or cat!