Thursday, August 11, 2011

Today and Every Day

It was a year ago today we lost our great friend Atticus. A lady stopped by a little while ago and asked if the farmer still thinks about Atticus sometimes.

"Yes," the farmer said. That was all.

Every day.


Lauren said...

Scritches on the back of the head and behind the ears, from me to anyone who wants them.

I think of Atticus kind of a lot given that I never met him.

We lost our very good Oscar dog about six weeks ago. It SUCKS, it turns out.

goatgirl said...

I miss that big booming voice when I pull into the drive.

Marigold said...

What a guy was Atti! We think about him a lot too. How many dogs would allow a boisterous, puppy Mighty Quinn around his place and be so polite about it? Can't believe it is a year already. Doesn't Wen-dell need a new friend?

Queenacres said...

RIP Atticus, still missed.