Monday, February 15, 2010

Walkie Talkie

Walker the Talker is the handsomest minimancha wether in the world and he has a very high opinion of himself.

He thinks he is the handsomest minimancha wether in the world.

He likes to give his input on anything you are doing. "What are you doing?" he is always asking, even if you are asleep or possibly having a personal moment to yourself to think about pea hay.

Who invented pea hay? How did they think of it? Was it the same person who invented ginger snaps? Where does that person live? Near here?

Walker doesn't care how busy you are thinking about pea hay. He butts right in. He talks so much is why he got his nickname, Walker the Talker. For short we just call him Walkie Talkie.

If Walker sees a camera he runs over and stares at it until it takes his picture. Then he turns slightly so that his picture can be taken from another angle.

"Look at my eyes," he is always saying. "They are sky blue. That means they are as blue as the sky."

Anyway Walker has always lacked humility, unlike me.

Until yesterday.

Walker had gone to his new home where he was going to eat brush and be a friend to another goat. Then the phone rang. It was the people who got Walker and they said their dogs were trying to kill him. Maybe the dogs got tired of hearing his opinions, I thought.

Well the farmer has a policy of no refunds or exchanges. And also a strict policy of no wethers. So I was surprised when the farmer went and got in the truck and drove off and came back with Walker.

Walker got out and he was fine, there was nothing wrong with him. The dogs did not do a very good job of trying to kill him.

But he was humbled.

Zane Grey went over to give Walker a friendly t-boning and the farmer caught Zane Grey and picked him up.

"Just leave him alone," said the farmer. "Just leave him alone for today."

For the rest of the day Walker did not say anything or give any of his opinions. He walked along quietly behind the farmer, not letting even an inch of daylight get between him and the farmer.

His eyes did not even look that blue any more.


Unknown said...

Awwwwww. I hope his feelers aren't too hurt by the dogs! We've got a couple pet wethers with simliar personalities. "Hey, what are you doing, can I help?" is a common phrase I imagine Gander and Bugs (our wethers) asking over any time something interesting is going on.

Melodie said...

Poor Walkie Talkie! He must have a terrible sadness in him to take the blue sparkle out of his eyes!Sometimes going out in the world will do that to you.....

Marigold said...

Oy. Even I feel sorry for him and I rarely feel sorry for anyone unless they have been cheated out of Peanuts. That is another matter entirely worthy of pity.

goatlady said...

Thats so sad, poor guy

goatgirl said...

I still say that he is just the right size for that blue pack. Could he join the hiking club?

Unknown said...

waaa!! waaa!! that is so sad. poor guy. waaa!! waaa!! oh gee im sobbing like a girl. pardon my outburst but come on, his eyes!!! waaa!!!

gerald the sobbing goat

Unknown said...

Walker you come on home with me...

Anonymous said...

Poor baby!! looks like the farm has a new mascot...

SueP said...

The eyes are the windows to the soul.
Poor Walker, his soul is wounded.
But with your help, he will recover.
And maybe someday he'll be able to talk about it.

Bennett said...

Buck up young wether! I didn't get to be an ancient goat by letting the blue drain out!! Ya gotta have the blue, boy! Get back the blue!

Your friend,

Old Bennett - York County, PA

Conny said...

Awww, it's good to have him back - even if he can talk your ears off. Poor fella.