Saturday, February 27, 2010

T Minus Zero

Today is T Minus Zero, Moldy's due day, and she is not doing anything.

Outside it is very still with the last bits of the overnight rain drizzled out. The clouds are breaking up and it plans to be a beautiful day.

We are under a tsunami advisory because of the massive earthquake in Chile.

Don't worry if the water starts to rise I will rush up into the hayloft. I don't think I will be able to save Moldy so I hope she can swim. Good luck, Moldy.

There is hay up there so don't worry I will be okay.


Melodie said...

I just cracked up reading this! Poor Moldy,it is just every goatie for themselves! Since Moldy is over due..she will be good and fat, like a flotation device..she could be a rescue goatie and other smaller animals can stand on her back as she floats around! Seriously though,I hope you do not get a flood!

Yang said...

Preparedness is the key. Go into the hayloft now and get things ready, just in case. Lay in a good stock of peanuts and any other treats you may miss if you are stranded in the loft for any length of time. Perhaps get a bedding area ready so you will not be short of any creature comforts. As the other goats float by on Moldy's back, you can let those you deem worthy jump off onto your safe haven. Remembering always, that as the Goat With A Plan, you are in charge!

Claire MW said...

Good grief. It seems that the Hawaii waves were less than expected, so hopefully you did not get flooded out. I hope Moldy has her glitter/grouple soon. Coco at Antiquity Oaks was 5 days overdue, and then she had quads. Maybe that is what Moldy doing - a repeat performance?