Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One More Thing

Hello this is Jammies again. We have heard that my half-sister Cora Belle has pulled out all the stops in urging everyone to vote for her. Well that is fine but it just reminded me that I forgot to mention that I am an orphan.

This is a picture of me with my dear mother before she passed away tragically.

You can vote for me here if you would like to vote for a kind, brave, unassuming orphan.

Please remember the rules of our annual (sort of) poll: there are no rules. Rules are for sheep, not goats. Vote as much as you want.


Terry said...

I have pulled out my hankie. Sob. But I have already voted for that sneaky Cora Belle. Can I vote again under an assumed identity?
BTW, my two goats do NOT understand why there are no wethers in the poll. Aren't they adorable? Full of personality? Good at clearing brambles? They say, "hmph" but that they won't carry a grudge if I give them some sweet feed. It is your fault that they are getting fat.

Sam & Dave said...

Yes, why aren't there any wethers in this poll as we are indeed, adorable, sweet, full of personality, helpful, thrifty, etc. etc.

goatgirl said...

Filbert is wondering as well. It's not his fault he's a wether.

Marigold said...

Hey, Ho! Peanut here. As a past winner...twice...I can say I am simply AGOG that there is no wether in the running. Atrocious.

Bennett said...

Surely, if old bucks were allowed to run in this poll, especially old bucks from Pennsylvania..old bucks named Bennett, then there would be no competition from the Pacific Northwest! My Farmer says I remind her of Sean Connery. "Oy Miss Moneypenny..." and she just melts. Something about old bucks with a Scottish accent.