Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let's Talk About Me

A lot has been written about the infirm (Xie Xie), the elderly (Spenny), the unproductive (most of the milkers), the conceited (Cora Belle), the overweight (Tangy), the ill-behaved (Tangy again), and the extremely annoying (Wendell). But hardly anything has been written about me.

So here are a few facts about me.

1. I like to be carried around. It saves energy and the view is better.

2. I like food and food-related items.

3. I like milk. Milk is delicious, it tastes like candy. While milk is a food-related item, it is also milk, so I include it in a category by itself.

4. I do not care for water or rain except if it is in a bucket.

5. I like to do everything by the schedule. For example, we are supposed to come in from the pasture and eat dinner by 5:30. I start crying at 5:31, because why wait?

6. I am getting prettier every day, which is kind of unbelievable, because I was already so pretty when I was born. I am also adorable.

But that's enough about me, because I am also extremely modest and humble. Thank you.


AZ Girly said...

Pretty please, could you ask the farmer to post some new pictures of your adorableness...?

Marigold said...

I am with AZ Girly...we need new pictures. You see, I have to decide for myself if what you say is true. It probably is because you are related to me somehow.

Yang said...

Except for that first paragraph (which may be an attempt at a cover up) I swear the rest of this post is straight from my diary. Either someone has been reading my diary or we are directly related.

Unknown said...

You sweet, humble and beautiful baby girl! I too would like to see new pictures of you. Of course, I never tire looking at any of your pictures.