Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hello Again.

Hello. It's me again.

This is me with my mother, Belle Pepper. She is growing a snowy beard as you can see. Also she has the Baby Belle topknot, which is the hallmark of our family. I do not have the topknot yet or the beard.

We have to stay inside today because it is too hot and we aren't sensible. If we go out we lay in the hot sun panting and the farmer says, "be more sensible," and picks us up and carries us into the shade.

My brother Zanegray is with me. And my mother Belle Pepper. And my Aunt Blue. And also my two cousin-brothers, Frank and Jimmy.

And me.

We are all here. We are carrying on.


goatgirl said...

Hello you. It was a pleasure to meet you the other day. You are quite a fancy girl with all your colors. Baby Belle is smiling...or chewing her cud.

Anonymous said...

Baby Belle Jr.
As always you look fetching but I'm yearning to see more close-up shots of you. And please post pictures of your brother Zanegray. Your mother is growing a lovely white beard that one day may rival the beard of her mother, Baby Belle.
Wishing you all the best.

Queen Quattra said...

Chris and Dave came home from visiting you yesterday I expected...told us all how absolutely adorable and beautiful you were. I knew it! She also told me that you became quite attached to her and wanted to come home with her and live with us. We will keep working on the Farmer about that!!

Marigold said...

Ah, ha! It is you again. So glad to see you taking to pen. As for the commenter who is working on the farmer about your going home with them....I have to will not work. We almost didn't get Peanut and he was a boy.

Queen Quattra said...

Oh, I almost forgot to say that the Farmer gave us some cheese that she made from one of your aunties or cousins or someone out there and it was Stupendously, Delicious! I got to have a little taste and it just melted in my mouth. I am waiting for more!!