Saturday, January 10, 2009

My New Jacket

This is my new jacket.

I think it looks good.

I know it looks good.

I wear it when I go out in the cold or rain (never, why would I go out in the rain? I'm not a Nubian) and at night when it is chilly.

It has officially been made official that I am the only goat on the farm who can go anywhere I want any time I want and do anything I want when I want to do it, and I can eat anything I want, with the wrapper on if I so desire, and Wendell the Pest is not allowed to annoy me. This is not news to me but I have been playing along like it is a big surprise development.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the first in a string of non-rainy days and I am going to help the farmer do a massive barn cleaning. This means while the farmer is working I will eat any hay that happens to fall off the stack. Something always falls off the stack during barn cleaning, although sometimes it is just a cat. I may also go on a short hike to eat some salal and huckleberry. It is so very delicious this time of year.

I might wear my new jacket even if it isn't raining, just to make a Northwest REI Goat type fashion statement.


Teresa Saum said...

Very suave and debonair!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Belle. That is so very stylish. Just the right color for you too. Good luck with the barn cleaning tomorrow. I hope you get some interesting goodies.

Daddy Goat said...

You are gorgeous in that coat, Belle! (Of course, you already know that.)

Anonymous said...

Belle, I can't believe you got that fancy, new coat before I got one. You'll probably be on the runway soon, too! Please tell the Farmer to get me one the next time she is out shopping....Chris said no, she's not getting me one, that I can't have everything, everybody else has..blah, blah, blah!
You do look absolutely maaaavaelous in that coat!!

PS. I like green!

goatgirl said...

Please don't show Semi Sweet that coat. She will get ideas and I like her clueless.

Marigold said...

Don't eat the cat even if it falls off the stack. I, myself, do not want a coat. If I had a coat I might be expected to do something. On the other hand, it might be nice for standing on my stump. No, No... then I would have to go out in inclement weather and that's just not right.

Anonymous said...

You look fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, love the goat blog. I am a new blogger and new goat owner myself.

Anonymous said...

Wow Belle, you look very fancy indeed in your beautiful rain coat.
Our 2 year old Nigerien doe Esmeralda and her daughter Allis sends their warmest greetings!

From the heart of West Africa,
The Herd of Ishtar's Ark

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