Saturday, February 16, 2008

Warm Milk, Please, For Here

My three new grandchildren examine the strange environment they find themselves in, seeking clues that will help them deduce which planet they have arrived on, and where the room service button might be concealed, and how best to begin living in the luxurious style to which they have every right to become accustomed, being who they are and all.


goatgirl said...

They are scrumptious!

farm mama said...

What beautiful grandchildren! (But of course, look at their grandmother!!)

Marigold said...

Peanut here! I DO NOT understand this. None of these goats look like 'Zilla, Betty or Myself (well, except maybe that one a little). Where did all that color come from? Has mama given up on the Captain? I think she has been dashing out unnoticed yet again.