Saturday, February 09, 2008

R Ewe Kidding Me?

We saw this story about a geep born on a German farm.

A what?

Click here.


Marigold said...

Okay. This is just scary.

JustKiddin said...

That's very interesting, since sheep and goats have different numbers of's quite the genetic anomaly.

I raise goats and sheep together and have never had a geep, although certainly not for lack of trying by my rams. In this story the sheep was mom and goat was dad though, I don't *think* my goat bucks have ever nailed one of my ewes. Maybe that's the effective combination...?

goatfarmer said...

Yes it's quite interesting. Although the same (different # of chromosomes) is true of horses and donkeys (offspring mules and hinnies, depending on sex of respective parents.) You even once in a blue moon will hear of a fertile molly mule, although I guess a fertile mule stallion has never been recorded. So who knows.