Friday, December 14, 2007

Candidate Statement: The Weimaraners

Hello. We are the weimaraners. Our names are Lucy and Joy. I am Lucy, the spokesgoat, Joy just does what I say. Isn't that right, Joy? Joy says "yes." Practically no one has voted for us. We don't think this is fair. It is probably because we are brown. What is wrong with being brown?

Anyway, we love to follow the farmer. If the farmer goes into the house, we go into the house. If the farmer goes up the stairs into the hayloft, we go up the stairs into the hayloft. If the farmer goes into the woods, we go into the woods. If the farmer says get on the milkstand, we get on the milkstand. If the farmer says, come on, we are going to the fair, we go to the fair. If the farmer says get into the dog crate we need to take a ride in the car, we get into the dog crate.

Joy says, "I don't. I don't like the dog crate."

Goodbye for now, I have to talk to Joy.

That is our position on the issues. Vote for us in the poll, we need votes. I will vote for you if you run for something. Joy will too if I say so.

Vote for The Weimaraners in the poll.


Marigold said...

Oh, all right. I'll give you a 'sympathy' vote. In truth, though, I feel more sorry for the Tubster. I'll give her two votes.

Yang said...

You seem like perfectly nice goats. I think you just need a better PR goat. Others in this contest have gotten much more coverage than you have and are more well known to the masses.
You need a catchy slogan or something. Something no one will forget.
Like "Viva La Brown" or "Who Needs Ears?" or something along those lines.

Yang said...

And let's face it - a picture of the Tubster peering out from under a teat isn't exactly the most flattering. Let's see what she looks like now without mammary glands in her eyes!