Monday, September 10, 2007

All Quiet

Well it has been pretty dull here the last few days since Clipper and the two most beautiful mini-Manchas (Buttons and Cappy) in the world went to their new home together.

Breezy has taken over bossing everyone in the fat girl pasture, but I have to say everyone down there looks kind of dazed. Clipper's style of drill sergeant management kept them on their toes, and now they are pretty much flat-footed. Breezy just doesn't crack the whip with the same lion-tamer gusto. I hate to admit it, but I think everyone misses Little Colonel Clipper.

Now the last dregs of summer are trickling away, but they say we will have beautiful weather this week, so I for one am going to get out and do some power-lounging in the sun.

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Yang said...

Belle - I just want you to know that your blog is my favorite. I check it every day and any day you don't have time to blog is a bad day for me. About 25 goats call my farm home and I print your blogs and go to the pasture and read them to them. I tried letting them come in and read them on the computer, but some of them tend to be pushy and shove all the others aside. And then, of course, the usual quarrels start about who is whose favorite goat on your farm, blah, blah, baa. Anyway, I wanted to tell you how much I look forward to your blogs each day. Keep it up!