Monday, June 25, 2007

Cheese Flavors

The farmer has been trying to think of new flavors of soft cheese and I have offered to help but none of my suggestions have been taken. I suggested perhaps a new alfalfa-flavored cheese or possibly a peanut cheese. Another thing that might be good would be a cheese with hints of cob, or a pea-vine cheese, or a banana-peel cheese (this could be marketed to Nubians, they would go crazy for it), or a ginger-snap cheese or a vanilla-wafer cheese with notes of ordinary garden weeds (those spindly ones with the ugly little yellow flowers that nobody knows what they are but they taste good). Then I suggested blackberry-leaf cheese. Blackberry leaves are one of my favorite meals, also salal. None of these suggestions have been taken which puts me at my wits' end. Perhaps you have a better idea.

But I doubt it.

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Marigold said...

Personally, my vote would be for the Peanut cheese. Around here, though, they seem to do a lot of Lavender/Fennel cheese. What about Lavender/Blackberry. That sounds interesting. (people would probably prefer the fruit instead of the leaves though, I guess..stupid people).
By the way, how is that cute little Peanut doing???