Monday, February 19, 2007

Almost Time...

Usually the kidding season starts around Valentine's Day here. But this year we are not scheduled to start until February 23, which in case you didn't know is this Friday. Right now there are three very big girls in the pre-kidding shed. Eo is first in line, then April, then Peaches.

In case you are wondering how often things go according to the schedule here, the answer is not never. But pretty close to it.

Anyway, here is a picture of Eo and her pal Spenny, back in the days when she was a bottle baby and stood around the woodstove in her pull-ups. Eo liked living in the house but she likes outdoor living better.


JustKiddin said...

On our farm, our first babies are due this Friday too :) And you're right, baby sheep are not as cute as baby goats, but they're pretty close. One of our ewes, Breakfast, is very pregnant and she carries her babies underneath her, so her tummy is hanging waay down almost to her hocks. Another ewe, Lunch, is also very pregnant but she's carrying her babies on her sides--she's about as wide as she is tall. Do your friends carry their babies in different places too?

goatfarmer said...

Well, not so much. We mostly have the "wide load" style (my style, actually) and the "is she really pregnant?" style. Penrose the Toggenburg goes "is she really pregnant?" style, and everybody else pretty much goes for the wide load look. When everybody was stretched out in the sun today it kind of looked like a bus parking lot.