Sunday, December 24, 2006

Will Work For Grass

Three large equines available for fence demolishing projects, board or wire fence, makes no difference. Very thorough. Photos of recent work attached. Just call us when your power goes out and we will be right over. Or you can contact our crew chief, Willen.

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Marigold said...

Dear Belle,
Those equines are simply uncouth! A Nubian would NEVER do that. Of course a Nubian might have trouble figuring out 'how' to do that, but this is just beside the point.

goatfarmer said...

Well, Marigold, actually that's not quite true. Once we had a smart Nubian, really the Einstein of Nubians, and her name was Marty. And we got a message from our next door neighbor that Marty was in her kitchen, would we mind too much coming and getting her. We don't know how she got through the fence to get over there, and we don't know how she opened the door when she arrived, but we do know that she was in the neighbor's kitchen, and we're pretty sure that she couldn't fly.

Marigold said...

Dear goatfarmer,
This is my mother! Wow! Who knew? I, myself, have inherited some of her mental prowess, of course. And, Yes!, of course she could fly! I guess I should have guessed this since I have trouble with grounding issues when the wind blows. However, I did not know she could open doors. Perhaps I need to have a session on my therapy stump and contemplate this further.

Loner said...

We have a Toggenberg - Harry - who is notorious for knocking over fence - she must have learned it from the horses!