Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Our new web site

We have a new web site and you can see it at http://www.tripletmedia.com/herronhill/index.php.

We are only two months away from the 2006 baby goats - it is hard to believe the time has flown so quickly. The last week has been very cold and clear here, but yesterday our real Northwest weather returned: gray skies, clouds from here to eternity, and rain, rain, rain.

I have moved down to the lower pasture with the big girls because everyone is drying off for the season. Only nutty little Boo the yearling Nubian is still in milk. And of course Brandy, but then Brandy is pretty much a freak of nature: she milks and milks and milks, almost like a cow, even though she isn't very big.

The farmer made a silly mistake once, going up a ladder and leaving Boo to guard the bottom. See if you can guess what happened.

The moral of the story: never have a Nubian hold the ladder for you. Never.

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