Saturday, April 16, 2005

WAY BEHIND! Kid update!

Well, everybody, as you can see by the dates, we are way way behind in baby goat news. Just to get everyone up to speed before we start posting pictures, here is the complete list of babies born so far:

Mel, Kitty, Tiger - Breezy's triplets
Jingle and Tinker - my (Baby Belle) gorgeous twins
Smidgen and Barry White - Quattra's twins
Mars and Marigold - Marty's mini-nubian twins
Miss Mabel and June Bug - April's minimancha daughters
Billie and Pinetop - Eo's mini-Togg twins
Teddy and Roosevelt - Scout's mini-Nubian twins

And that's not all. By the end of the weekend, we are expecting Boo to have her mini-Nubian kids.

AND - One of the babies is going to be in a little independent feature film, so everyone is very excited about that. We will tell you more about it later.

Ok bye for now!


Patti said...

Baby Belle! I had not checked your blog in ages (the farmer does not let me at the computer very often). Last time I was here, you were about to have your twins. I am happy to see they have been born and are beautiful and healthy! Well done! Congratulations... and many mooooorrrrrre... !

I hear we are to have two LaManchas added to our family in a week. I don't know much about goats. They say these animals don't have ears! Or something funny like that. I don't know, all seems a bit odd to me. Do you REALLY eat trees?

Quervo the donkey

goatfarmer said...

No, that's ridiculous Quervo! Of course we don't eat trees. Just the bark! And the leaves! And the fruit of course! And okay sometimes if the branches are super tasty we will nibble on those! But my goodness, no, we don't eat trees! How absurd!

We have Lamanchas here Quervo, and let me tell you, they think they are the boss of everything. If you have long ears the first thing they will do is bite them!