Saturday, February 12, 2005

Happy Birthday!

Ha! I fooled you. No, my babies did not get born yet, but they have stopped squirming around so much and I think that means they are getting ready to come out. But today is a big Birthday date here on the farm.

Breezy is three years old today, and Willen is four.

Breezy is a Nigerian doe. Last year she had quadruplets, three girls and a boy! One of the girls is named Quattra (she was born fourth) and she is partner in crime to my daughter Hannah Belle. They used to go around together making trouble before Quattra got too fat to squeeze through the fence.

Willen is not a goat, he is a Haflinger horse. Haflingers are very smart (almost as smart as goats), and Willen is a very smart Haflinger. He knows how to fetch, and he knows how to say yes and no, and he will be very happy to do any of those things for a treat. Today he is four years old.

Happy Birthday, Willen Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Willen!
As I recall, "Halfling" is another name for "Hobbit". Do you have relatives in the Shire?

goatfarmer said...

Hello Carolina!

Willen is a Haflinger (without the "L"). The Haflinger is known as Austria's Golden Horse; the breed originated in the South Tyrol in the village of Hafling. That's why the horse is called a Haflinger.

BUT if a hobbit wanted a horse, he would definitely prefer a Haflinger.