Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Day 6

Hi Everyone -

I am feeling pretty chipper this morning. Yesterday everybody went out except me, since I was on maternity watch. Well, I didn't like that, so I just jumped over the top of my stall. They thought I couldn't do that any more but they were wrong!

Heck, I may be a pregnant lady but I still have plenty of hang time!

Anyway, the farmers got the point and they brought my fat little sister Snow Pea back up to the barn so I wouldn't be alone. I guess I will stay in my stall as long as I have company.

Right now, though, since it is so sunny and bright (cold, though) I am strolling around the pasture with my buddies Breezy, Eo, Marty, Scout, and Boo. It is important to keep getting exercise when you are pregnant, you can't just sit around eating alfalfa all day.

Below you can see a picture of Eo back when she was just a kid. She was a housegoat like me, and she loved to stand in front of the stove soaking up heat. Once her diaper even started to melt, but she didn't care. Anyway, that's my friend Eo in the picture.

Six Days to Go in the Kidding Countdown! Don't forget to send those names in! Also, if you would like to see another cool goat blog, you can go to this link. It even has pictures of our guardian dog, Atticus, who keeps the coyotes away and makes sure nothing bad happens to us.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. Had a comment from a west coast lady about carolinagoats blog. She said that the Atticus picture was "the cutest picture I ever saw".
I hope there will be no intellectual property or privacy concerns voiced by Atticus because of the unauthorized publication of his picture. Who authorizes publication of kids pics? The mother or the Farmer?

Anonymous said...

Sunny Snowflake here what a good idea to start your own Blog. I'm waiting for the big even myself. The farmer here didn't think I would have kids this year and thought she had kept me away from the buck she is doing a bit of grumbling but I can't wait for my kids to be born. The farmers here always give special treats when kids are born. The farmer is letting some of the goats raise their own kids this year but she takes them in the house to babysit them part of the day. I think I heard her say that she will be fixing a pen for the kids from the larger dairy goats so I just hope I get to raise my own kids but I don't mind being one of the working ladies that produces milk either. The farmer here likes Nigerian milk more than she does the milk from the big girls. Sure is nice to communicate with some other girls while we wait. The doe in the pen next to me has a real attitude problem. She just had two does and they are cute but I know that mine will be much closer to perfect.

goatfarmer said...

Ha! hi Sunny Snowflake! Good luck with your kids, send a picture when they get born! XXXOOO Baby Belle

Anonymous said...

Hi Baby Belle! I'm a donkey, not a goat, but the farmers here say I am very sweet, so maybe you will still like my idea.

Here in Texas the cows talk about an ice cream place down the road called Bluebell. I'm not fond of ice cream (cow's milk... bleh!), but I do like flowers. Maybe you could name your little girl Bluebelle?

I overheard the farmers muttering about the rain keeping them from fixing up the old loafing shed for some goats. One of them said "I really hope Snowy is pregnant after all." So maybe we will have goats here soon too... maybe even babies! I hope they're more friendly than the horses who keep kicking me and biting my mane. Such attitudes!

I am very impressed with your jumping prowess. You seem like a lady I would enjoy getting to know. Best wishes on your upcoming birth!


goatfarmer said...

Hi Quervo!

I love the name Bluebelle! I will add it to the list right away.

You know, our horses here are just like that too, they think they are the boss of everything. Bigger isn't always better, though! And it certainly isn't always smarter, if you know what I mean!

Thanks for writing,


Baby Belle

Anonymous said...

hi there girl,
nectar, sundown, pippin, tui, taieri & i have been thinking, thinking, thinking... chewing the cud trying to think up really good name ideas for your soon-to-be kiddos. having had a kid each ourselves this past july, nectar & i know how difficult it can be to think up good names & then to get your two-leggeds to agree to them.

here are the monikers we've come up with so far & we hope they will at least be inspiring: belle o' the ball, belle ami (if a buckling), & belle amie (if a doeling). about the last two names... they mean beautiful friend in french. while waiting out our pregnancies nectar & i decided to learn some french. one never knows when a skill like that will come in handy; when one might be asked to produce brie or camembert!

sounds like your two-leggeds are good folk & are treating you well. enjoy this time. this is it girl! don't take it for granted. it's the time to revel in it - the good food, the lavish attention. after the kids are born it will be work, work, work &, of course, they'll get most all the attention. sheesh. (but you'll be proud as heck so it won't matter much)

we're all rootin' for you here in the beautiful mountains of southwestern virginia. can't wait to read how it goes for you - we've been enjoying your blaaaaaaag so much. we're absotootly certain the blessed event will be simply maaaaaaaaavelous.

sorry i've gone on so long but we're just sooooooo excited for you & so happy to be able to tell you so!!!

goat nuzzles,
nutmeg & the rest of the DairyHeirs goat herd