Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Royal Baby

Eo was the first to see it because she is always on the lookout for bad news. When she saw it she did a little gymnastics maneuver, swinging her butt around so that she could face it directly head on without looking any bigger than necessary and positioned to flee for the hills at the earliest possible moment.

"What is it Eo?" asked Moony, lumbering over looking like a tiny moon-spotted whale encased in blubber since she is a long yearling and her mother still lets her nurse even though she has to practically lie on the ground to reach the udder since she is so tall not to mention wide.

Eo said nothing just stared up toward the farmhouse with gimlet eyes where it was just barely visible, just the top of its head peeking up above the grass.

"It couldn't be," gasped Belle Pepper, swinging her tail around behind her. Blue came up and swung her tail. I swung my tail. Champagne swung her tail. Cherry swung her tail. Belle Starr swung her tail. Jammies swung her tail. Jinxy swung her tail. Pinky swung her tail. We all stood there staring.

"It couldn't be," said Belle Pepper again.

"What is it Eo?" asked Moony again.

"It's bad news," snapped Eo.

"What is it?" Moony asked everyone at large.

"It's another one," said Belle Pepper, somberly.

"Another what?" asked Moony.

Betty finally said it out loud. "Another boston terror."


goatgirl said...

She's a princess!

Goat Girls Rule! said...

Just remember to curtsey, and all will be well.
Long live the King/Queen.

Terry said...

The white marking on the pup's face looks like a perfect upside down wishbone. Not sure what that portends, but I think it's a good sign.
Or maybe a tuning fork. Hmmm....

Karen C said...


Anonymous said...

Misses Mom it looks like. Give plenty of cuddles.

Anonymous said...

She's precious! I sure hope she can fill the super nanny position in the future.

Grumpy Goat said...

The white markings resemble .

the Dusit Hotel, Dubai

Anonymous said...

OH!!! Summer is so jealous and Caitie wil be too, when she finds out. Kathy

Anonymous said...

Oh it can't be!! It's too it really a princess?? It's too cute! What is it? I love it already!!

Queen Quattra

Marigold said...

That's a log of swunging going on at one time. I hope everyone is okay. Serioulsy, we are SO glad to hear this fabulous news. (We can say that because it is not living here :))