Wednesday, December 03, 2008

GNN: Hornline News

These stories just in from the Goat News Network:

Down from the Mountain

An Idaho goat was recently apprehended in connection with an alleged break-in. "I was just looking for Boo," explains Mr. Snowy. "She promised to go out with me."

Baby Goat Born in A Manger

Again. No Kidding.

Goats Photoshopped Into the Army

"But I'm a pacifist," protests Private Billy.


Marigold said...

Now that Idaho goat is quite the man, isn't he? Surely such a specimen would not be satisfied with a mere 'Boo'. And that Marine! Hubba Hubba!

goatgirl said...

While the manger scene was very endearing, I found the Army goats deeply disturbing. I think I will have nightmares tonight.

Anonymous said...

Me too! We're usually such peaceniks, except when we want to butt somebody across the that annoying little wiener dog, Sophie.

Danni said...

Oh wow - that burglar goat is gorgeously unusual - what in the world kind of goat is that? I'll bet he had just misplaced his key.

The manger goat baby? Yeah, ok, kinda cute. :-)

The army goats? Wow - horrifying, but I couldn't look away. I thought goats routinely went for "conscientious objector" status.