Monday, May 25, 2015

Out of the Blue

Well for many years it has been promised that our ancestral home, the Cabana, located atop Goatberry Mountain, which we made ourselves through the fruits of our own rumens, the Mountain part anyway not the actual cabana, would be demolished and torn down and stricken from the face of the Earth and so on. "This place is an eyesore," the farmer would always say, "and it is going to be torn down."

"What place?" the Nubian crosses would say. "Not THIS place?" and then they would look around with all-encompassing looks of alarm, at the meadow with the frogs, the madrona forest on the other side, the hill leading up to the big barn, the buck shack, the willow trees along the creek.

"No," Wronny would explain for the umpteenth time. " Just THIS place."

"Oh." They would say. "Oh. Okay."

"Just this place," Big Orange would murmur.

"Okay then," Moony would repeat."Just this place."

Nubian crisis averted.

Anyway a few weeks ago after 12 years or so of unveiled threats a man named Charles arrived out of the blue and looked at the Cabana appraisingly with the farmer standing next to him, both of them staring with arms crossed and blank faces.

"So this is the place." he said.

"Yes." said the farmer.

He did not seem like the type for idle chitcat, certainly not of 12 years duration. He had with him a large black box on wheels.

"Ok." He said. "Let's get started."

He opened the box and took out a sledgehammer. And thus it began.

The Black Box

Inside the Black Box

The Eyesore Meets Its Match


Ozarks Goat Girl said...

I am assuming by today that the Eyesore Cabana is no longer and that the mountain of goatberries has been revealed in all its' glory. Homage should be paid to the Cabana for sheltering goats for so many years and perhaps a small monument could be placed on the site in remembrance and also for jumping off purposes of baby goats and for something to have to remember to brushhog around which keeps the tractor driver focused, alert, and annoyed. Or, might there be plans for a newer more beautiful Cabana?

Anonymous said...

No one wants to say it, but I will: all of our national treasures are
being destroyed. This is just another example of the wanton destruction
of works of national significance that are being torn down to make way
for ??? I think the farmer should step forward and defend this outrage...
if she can. Hrumph.

Anonymous said...

I cannot help wondering: perhaps the awfully dry weather in the land of water is caused by something more serious than global whatever...just maybe it is the result of certain careless people not appreciating the beauty and majesty of certain art forms that nature has created...Sometimes people just need to own up and admit that they made a serious mistake in messing with the goat berry temple! Here in the Ozarks we are getting ALL of your rain and then some...actually more than is good for us (or the hay)...please restore your priceless object d art and let's get back to balance. We are certainly doing our part...berries are piled all over the pleasing and artful construction, of course...but very, very wet. Thank you.