Friday, June 01, 2012

Crumpet's Corner

Great, one of the new little Pebbles knockoffs is a teeny tiny hamster that squeaks like a chew toy.

The farmer carries it around everywhere, discussing politics and mysteries of farm living with it.

"But what does hydrostatic really mean? Do you know?"

The hamster squeaks like a chew toy.

"We know "hydro" is from the Latin, meaning "water," and "static" is from the dryer, meaning "too many socks," but does that really tell us anything?"

The hamster squeaks like a chew toy.

"Would you like some more milk, Crumpet?"

That's its name. Crumpet.

Great. Just great. At least two more months of this.


Ozarks Goat Girl said...

Million Belles, it is time for you to say something nice about one of the new babies or one of the teenager goats or one of the old goats. Something nice. Can you do it?

Marigold said...

Dear Millie Belles,
That Goatfarmer is like that. The Goatmother remembers going to pick up Peanut and there came the Goatfarmer carrying him, hugging him, discussing world peace. Made the Goatmother feel so bad to be taking Peanut away from the poor Goatfarmer. Once the subject changes to world domination instead(extremely likely in the Pebbles family), the Goatfarmer will likely move on. One must exercise patience with the likes of the Goatfarmer (and have faith that the characteristic beauty queen personality 'preciousness' gene will take over sooner than later.)

Ozarks Goat Girl said...

Oh, Marigold. You have hit on something that could be a very serious issue in the future. The posse of Abby-ites (or should we call them Pebble-ites though that wouldn't really be right because Abby is the maaaa of and therefore the leader of the look-alike posse, Pebbles is just the original Pebble-ite if you know what I mean. Do you?) Anyway, this up and coming posse should it get larger in numbers if the goatfarmer keeps pairing up Abby and Jackie and should the preciousness gene not take over but the world domination gene kick in, I can forsee trouble between Brandy's Soprano family and the Abby-ites/Pebble-ites clan. Gee whiz, there will probably be a made for TV movie (minus the ramshackle cabana nobody would believe) about this feud. Quick! Some budding film-maker out there start filming now!

Ozarks Goat Girl said...

Millie, in past comments some of us blog readers have suggested Pinky Jr. lead goat birthing seminars. Please pass the following link along to her because it includes photos of Pistol over at Eden Hills Farm in Iowa birthing by the book and I think Pinky Jr. could use the photos in her presentations. Please ask Pinky Jr. to be sure to show the photos to her own herdmates and emphasize that THIS is the way to give birth!