Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Tail of Woe

The sun came out and Beanie and friends forgot about their horns. The horns they used to one day be going to have. But not any more.

They went outside with their mothers on full display to the rest of the herd. The herd watched from behind the fat girl fence.

"That one looks okay," said Winjay, referring to Nelly. "Not great but okay."

"That one is reasonably presentable," said Belle Starr, referring to Bluey.

"I have seen worse looking kids than that one," allowed Abby, looking at Blacky.

Then came Butterbean and an uncomplimentary silence fell.

"I have not seen that before," Cherry finally said.

"That is a new twist," remarked Pebbles.

"Maybe it will come in later," postulated Crumpet, optimistically.

"Even Pinky used to have two ears," blurted Moony.

Beanie proceeded hopping about, ignoring his critics. Because after all everyone is a critic. Throw a rock, hit a critic. He looked perfectly fine after all. From certain angles. When you couldn't see that he didn't have a tail.


Ozarks goat girl said...

WHAT? Well...hmm...uh...I suppose tails are overrated anyway. So carry on, Beanie, and don't you pay any mind to the critics.

Claire MW said...

Oh! But it's surely evolution. Tails are overrated anyway. Like second ears. Sort of.

Ozarks Goat Girl said...

"Whoa there! Everybody calm down! Stop the frenzy! Do not storm the barns and fields of Herron Hill!" Oh, dear. The commotion, the paparazzi, the curiously concerned, the looker-loos, the veterinarians, the doomsdayers, the evolution trackers, goat enthusiasts and goat disdainers ...nothing has quite stirred up the good folk of the mid-west as this quiet announcement of the birth of a tail-less goat. What can it mean? Scientists of high degree, goat farmers, children, octogenarians, men, women, dogs, some parrots, seems like everyone here has been swept up into the question of what this anomaly means. "Please listen to me, people! Leave the inhabitants of HH alone. Let the Goat Farmer and Beanie's mama and Beanie himself as well as some wise sages such as Pinky and Crumpet, no, not Crumpet, Belle Starr study the matter and report back to us in due time. Do not make assumptions or spread sweeping gossip. We will hear more after they study the situation and then and only then can we as a humanity understand the meaning of this unusual situation."

Trying to keep a lid on things here in the midwest, I remain your loyal follower, Ozarks Goat Girl

Midas P Goat, Esq said...

Unless Beanie was planning to hang from a tree or balance on a tightwire, a tail is fairly useless. Stay strong Beanie!

stapeliad said...

It is keeping Pinky's ear company.

goatfarmer said...

Yes Jessica P they are probably together in a little curio cabinet in the Museum of Missing Goat Extremities. Or some place.