Monday, October 31, 2016


Supposedly if the ear stayed on for ten days it would be considered reattached for good. So we started counting the days and everyone vowed not to mention anything about it being on backwards. But around Day Seven it started to come off.

"Pinky, your ear is coming off!" boomed Moony.

Pinky ignored this comment but Pebbles did not.

"No it isn't," she insisted. "It's perfect. There's nothing wrong with it."

"There is nothing wrong with it except it is on backwards and it is coming off," agreed Moony.

"Moony," gabbled Pebbles, "there is a reason no one ever listens to you."

"You're listening," Moony pointed out.

"No I'm not," shrieked Pebbles.

Around this time the Farmer came out and examined Pinky and soon an announcement was made that Pinky was going back to the vet. Pinky went back to the vet and several hours passed and then Pinky returned and this time she only had one ear.

Pebbles immediately sang the praises of Pinky's new look, she would not allow a bad word to be said about Pinky no matter what. "I love it!" she announced. "It's sleek! So sleek! Like a seal!"

Everyone else was pretty much tired of the ear topic including Pinky and no one jumped on the Pebbles earless-praise bandwagon. Moony of course had to put a few words in but you can hardly count that.

"They have a word for when you have one eye." mused Moony. "But what is the word when you only have one ear?"

"They have a word for when you are an idiot," Pebbles responded.

"What is it?" asked Moony.

"It's idiot." explained Eo.


Corina Sahlin said...

Your goats should come over to our barn. There's lots of bad-mouthing going on, since I bred my La Mancha girls with a Boer boy last year. The ensuing elfin ears make the La Manchas laugh, which hurts the babies' feelings.

Ozarks Goat Girl said...

Once again, I love you Pinky, no matter how many ears you have. And Pebbles, what a sweet, sensitive girl you have turned out to be. I knew you were special from the beginning.

Jessica P said...

Oh man was this a FUNNY post...I'm glad Pinky is doing ok!

Claire Moxon-Waltz said...

It's kind of like ear-piercing, taken to a whole new level. Pinky is sort of a trendsetter. Now all the goats will want sleekness. Pebbles should trademark that term for goat earlessness.