Friday, January 23, 2015

Over in The Smellies

Ok well Moldy had a little baby, we already went over that. Then Jammies had a baby. The farmer examined the calendar extensively and there was no hint of a buck escape. The farmer never breeds for January.

Moldy and Jammies must have snuck out together. Maybe under cover of night, some moonlit August night, some enchanted evening, they took an amorous stroll together over in The Smellies where the bucks live. Or maybe they did it in broad daylight and no one was interested enough to notice. Anyway now there are two winter babies when usually there are zero. There they both are, indisputable, two little January neverlings.

Both are singletons. They are up in the barn with their mothers. You cannot imagine how fat they are already. One (Effie) is called The Guzzler for her style of constantly drinking milk and for her rodeo skills, she has been observed still drinking while Moldy is at a full trot trying to unlatch her. Eight seconds is nothing for her, she can really sit the trot. The other (Navajo) is called The Puzzler, on account of his mysterious unknown heritage. We know who The Guzzler's father is, only because she has blue eyes.

Now Jammies and Moldy are best friends. So are Guzzle and Puzzle. It's a strange thing, it's almost like Moldy isn't from Oregon any more. Jammies flat out denies that Moldy is from Oregon. If anyone says Moldy is from Oregon, Jammies shouts, "Maybe YOU are from Oregon!"

But if Moldy isn't from Oregon, what does that say about Fred? Is he not from Oregon any more either? Or maybe Oregon doesn't exist any more, maybe that is what happened. If Oregon doesn't exist, does Portland still exist? What about Portlandia?  What about The Terror? She is from Eugene. She is only one year old. So we know Oregon existed a year ago. Don't we?

Is it just a math problem? Is it a simple boolean?

moldys_birthplace == 'Oregon'

True? Or False?


Ozarks Goat Girl said...

Oh, dear, not sure, can't follow the math, not my strong suit, please someone let me know if Oregon still exists.

Anonymous said...

The existence of both Washington and Oregon have always been in question. Just because there is "noise" does not make it "sound" have to have someone REAL (someone from the Midwest) to verify existence. Everyone knows that...

goatfarmer said...

Maybe YOU are from Oregon, anonymous. You do not even have a name.

Anonymous said...

Suffice it to say, we Packer fans raise first class Nubians and by that fact alone we are famous and well is enough. Plus, we definitely know that real cheese makers (and heads) live in the Midwest where there is no doubt about our existence. Well, except in Washington DC!! Now, if you folks in WA want to really prove your existence, you will get it together and beat Brady and Co. THAT is something that Oregon will never do!

Goat Girls Rule! said...

Perhaps being from Oregon is a state of mind or a title one inherits rather than a physical reality? A bit like being Punxsutawney Phil or Baby Belle Jr?