Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The Main Event

Clover was able to t-bone the Terror as it was doing some fancy scurrying around the apple tree. It scurried right into her, looking behind at Clara Belle and practically t-boning itself, although Clover took the credit. Of course the Terror gave a yelp and the farmer came running to pick it up. So that is good, we scored one point, our first. It did not go to the grain bin afterward, which is odd. I hope this doesn't mean there is a new policy banning grain gorging as the treatment of choice for those with hurt feelings.

Crumpet has flopped out as a show goat and as a milk goat and her piano playing lacks artistry to say the least, so the farmer is going to make her the new ambassador goat and she will have to go around to Harvest Tours and things like that wearing a little backpack stuffed with tootsie rolls which Filbert used to do as the official Candy Goat before he got well and truly sick of it. Sad news for Crumpet. Oh well, somebody has to do it.

Zinnia whose name is really Zenyatta had the two surprise kids, Chaos kids, and she is very pleased because now she has a private stall in the barn and she gets special food. She is one of the Brandy style parents, always hovering and taking umbrage at real and imagined threats to her darling drab tots. She tried to t-bone the Terror but the Clover incident had already taught it to use its side mirrors and it dodged spryly out of the way, laughing.

The two new babies have their father's personality, which is nice for everyone since Zinnia is a beady-eyed sourpuss who thinks she owns the whole peninsula.

The appearance of the Zinnia twins means that there is an epic smackdown on the horizon: in a couple of weeks Zinnia will go out with the milkers and she and Wronny will come head to head and I don't know who will win but I do know I want a ringside seat. It will be a real Category 5 Goatnado.

Just my opinion, but it will be a cold day in Honolulu when the Sourpuss takes the Soprano.


Terry said...

The Terror has side-mirrors? Scooter would like to know where she got them, as he is now 5-years old, but has yet to acquire any. Or perhaps one needs a common sense license to purchase them?

Goat Girls Rule! said...

We'll wager a bag of licorice on the Sourpuss.

goatfarmer said...

Ha ha! You are ON! We like our licorice with a Q, black only please,


Anonymous said...

I don't care who wins...just send over the licorice...I never get licorice...See? Just one more reason I need to come back to the Farm!
Queen Quattra

Anonymous said...

Didn't the main man in the Soprano family recently pass away? Without his leadership it is very possible that there will be confusion and weakness in the ranks...I'll take the Sourpuss and I don't even like licorice.

Goat Girls Rule! said...

Well, we don't care too much about the Q or the C. We're just looking for the biggest bag we can find for YOU to buy for US.
HA HA HA! Sourpuss will have maternal fever. HA HA HA! Never, ever underestimate what those hormones will do for a goat. Go Sourpuss GO!!!

Anonymous said...

As Zinnia's former owner, I'm going to vote for Wronny, because Zinnia never could dethrone Gracie during her time here, and Gracie is a Soprano, I believe.

Also, Zinnia likes her udder to be large at all times. If she were human, she'd have implants. So, I can't imagine her endangering her good looks with a long fight. Of course, this also means you'll get lots and lots of milk. :-)