Sunday, September 02, 2012

Don't Come in Eighth

There was a blue moon and nothing happened.

We thought something might happen but nothing did.

The list of volunteers to go to the Fair and sit around looking middling includes:

Belle Starr (Little Belle)
Betty's Blue Clover (Clover)
Can of Worms (Candy)
Crescent Moon (Moony)
Chocolate Martini (Marti)
Creme de Cassis (Cassis)
Maple Hollow (Rosie)

These goats have all been selected for no other reason than that they are agreeable and friendly. Except Rosie, she is disagreeable and unfriendly, but we need her for groups. Also Cassis is not the friendliest, and she looks a little better than middling. But we are bringing her anyway.

The downside of middling is that you look middling. The upside is there is no pressure. This way they can sit around and relax. Anyway you have to adjust your expectations to reality. It is no use these goats walking around thinking they are fabulous-looking like me when the plain middling not-too-bad truth is right there for everyone to see.

We are not taking any milkers because we need the milk at home. At the Fair you have to throw all your milk away. You would cry if you saw all that beautiful milk going right down the drain.

I feel bad for Candy and Moony though because they will have to show in the LaManchas and the best LaManchas in the country will be there and a lot of them but their only mantra is 'don't come in eighth'  because the premiums stop at seventh place. Also they will be the smallest ones in their class because they were born late. Two strikes. Also they are known to be from a slow-maturing line with fabulous udders, the kind that starts to look good when they are about three. How many strikes is that?

On the plus side they are in the same class so only one of them can come in last.

Join us in rooting for Candy and Moony with this rousing Herron Hill cheer: come in last if you have to, but don't come in eighth!


Marigold said...

Best of luck, even if it is eighth. Perhaps the best LaMancha in the country will not show well ... you know, be looking for its ears or something.

Karen C said...

I wish I lived on the west coast, I would come and cheer! Enjoy the fair!

Selkie and Sarabi said...

We will be rooting for you! We won't be at the fair because we're at another farm hanging out in the buck pen (finally), but our owner intends to go so she can squinch her face up even more when she looks at us. She'll probably be comparing us to number eight.

Seven and above, seven and above! That's our bleat! That's our bleat! (See, we made you a cheer)

goatfarmer said...

The excitement is building. I think that's what's building, anyway.

Ozarks Goat Girl said...

I am wondering about that word "volunteers." More often called the unfortunates because they HAVE to go to the fair, I'm pretty sure there were no hooves in the air volunteering to be shaved and crammed in trailers and ogled by strangers and paraded around in a circle. I sure hope the free hay is tasty this year and is some consolation to this group of, let's be honest, coerced-volunteers.

Ozarks Goat Girl said...

Retraction--"Coerced Volunteers" is not accurate. Make that hostages.

Ozarks Goat Girl said...

New day, new thought: So when is this Fair? We need to know so we can be mentally cheering on the unfortunates.

Anonymous said...

I really don't know anything about Fairs...never having left the farm, but it seems to me that if you take 7 goats, how could you possibly finish eighth? I have counted the "volunteers/hostages" several times and the count is 7. Seven is a lucky number I'm told. The girls are worried for nothing...silly goats. Eighth is not an option when the farmer has cleverly chosen to take 7 goats. That sly woman knows what she is about. Now, on to the next topic.

goatfarmer said...

I love Nubian math.

Anonymous said...

Yes to the Nubians. We have 7. Five does and two bucks. I absolutely cannot abide an 8th place Nubian.