Sunday, March 18, 2012

Beautiful Screamers

In these photos Lori tries unsuccessfully to explain the farm's strict "No Screaming" policy to the squirrels.


Marigold said...

Obviously all explanations are falling on 'deafened' ears. :) These are squirrels? Hide all Peanuts.

~It's Just Me~ said...

They look like a Darlin and Thad to me. ^^ Some have suggested Banshi and Havoc as another option. Or, after the chipmunks: Alvin and Brittney, Simon and Jenette, or Theodore and Elenore.

Whatever they are named, good work Iota and congratulations to the Farmer and Lori! ^^

Ozarks Goat Girl said...

Oh, dear squirrel goats, these are not very flattering photos of you. In fact, they would make good fodder for another variation of the painting "The Scream" if only artist Edvard Munch was still alive to see them.