Wednesday, December 03, 2008

GNN: Hornline News

These stories just in from the Goat News Network:

Down from the Mountain

An Idaho goat was recently apprehended in connection with an alleged break-in. "I was just looking for Boo," explains Mr. Snowy. "She promised to go out with me."

Baby Goat Born in A Manger

Again. No Kidding.

Goats Photoshopped Into the Army

"But I'm a pacifist," protests Private Billy.


Marigold said...

Now that Idaho goat is quite the man, isn't he? Surely such a specimen would not be satisfied with a mere 'Boo'. And that Marine! Hubba Hubba!

goatgirl said...

While the manger scene was very endearing, I found the Army goats deeply disturbing. I think I will have nightmares tonight.

Queen Quattra said...

Me too! We're usually such peaceniks, except when we want to butt somebody across the that annoying little wiener dog, Sophie.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh wow - that burglar goat is gorgeously unusual - what in the world kind of goat is that? I'll bet he had just misplaced his key.

The manger goat baby? Yeah, ok, kinda cute. :-)

The army goats? Wow - horrifying, but I couldn't look away. I thought goats routinely went for "conscientious objector" status.