Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Well there has been a lot of news that didn't get into the blog because everything was so busy. Lots of very pretty LaMancha babies have been born, if you like conceited goats with no ears. Their names are Yin (aka Winnie Junior), Yang, Yes I Know (aka Jessie), and You Bugaboo (aka Bugaboo). It is a Y year so all the big babies are getting names that start with Y.

Well, on top of that Peaches the mini-mancha outdid herself and had a set of triplets, all with correct LaMancha ears, which has never happened before. She has only ever had twins, and every year one has nice Lamancha ears and the other has gigantic ten-gallon-Stetson Nigerian ears.

These triplets look very different: one is the usual xerox of Peaches, a big girl with a pretty face and a kind of pinkish-apricot color; the other two are smaller and super-flashy black and white with blue eyes. The pink one is called Hermy, the black and white tiny twins are called Julius and Augustine. I have to say, as far as mini-Manchas go, those two are supermodels.

As reported previously, Big Orange popped out a set of twins, a little orange doe who is currently being called Tangerine (but remember, she will need a Y name sooner or later - we are hoping that Teresa Saum will think of one), and a little black buckling, who is currently being called "the little black one."

After two years of outstanding service, Peaches' charming son Wrusty had his cojones removed yesterday (the largest ones she had ever seen on a goat, the vet reported admiringly) and is recuperating nicely in the barn.

In some upsetting medical news, little Winnie Junior (aka Yin) broke her leg a few days ago and the vet said that it was not healing well in the sub-par splint the farmer made. She will be going down to Olympia tomorrow to get a special splint which we hope very very much will help the leg to heal. Meanwhile Winnie Junior is living in the house with Tangerine and LBO and demonstrating at every opportunity that even a three-legged LaMancha from a family of Goat Mafia kingpins (believe it or not) can sometimes have an adorable personality.

And of course in the most important news of all, my granddaughter Cora Belle and her brother Filbert are going to a new home. It's a good home, so it's okay, but we will surely miss them.


Teresa Saum said...

How about something with these words? Achillea 'Moonshine' also known as
yellow yarrow. Yarrow grows everywhere, in the grass, in meadows, pastures, and by the roadside. As it creeps greatly by its roots and multiplies by seeds it becomes a troublesome weed in gardens.

goatgirl said...

You could call her Yummy. You know like an Orange is yummy. Well maybe not to a goat.

Mme Cyn said...

If we're playing name the doeling, how about "Yamabukicha" which is a Japanese shade of dark orange? Or Yamabuki-iro, which is a lighter orange?

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh no! I hope Winnie Junior will heal quickly and well!

It's so exciting about Cora Belle and Filbert - I feel like I'm in on it somehow, as I know where they're going. They'll have a WONDERFUL home and be surrounded by very attentive humans and much loved other critters. Very exciting! Now...who wants to come and live at MY house??!! :-D

goatfarmer said...

Oh my goodness, two excellent name suggestions. We have been calling her Tangerine but we will test out these two names and see if she likes one.