Tuesday, April 29, 2014

AD (Artistic Description) #2

AD #2 is Dinky Dollarbird. Dinky Dollarbird comes from a family of whingers so keep that in the back of your mind as you are reading, as if there were a soft chorus of waawaawaa gently washing over everything like sands through the hourglass.

OK Dinky looks like a Halloween costume left out in the rain. She is black and white spotted but the spots are kind of runny and then she has washed-out blue eyes like the day after Noah set sail and her hair sticks up in patches like a half-blown dandelion. It never really grew back in right after she got her horns off so it has a Hair Club for Men (waa waa waa) effect. Dinky Dollarbird is the epitome of Last Year's Baby and she goes around crying softly and right now we don't call her Dinky Dollarbird any more we call her Little Drudgery.

"Where is Little Drudgery?" asks the farmer. Where do you think? She is at the fence gazing at this year's baby, so handsome and strapping, the apple of his mother's eye. Everybody knows the trouble she has seen. Waa waa waa.


Ozarks Goat Girl said...

Now, Millie, you have not said one good thing about Dinky Dollarbird (I shall always refrain from using that other name) and I just know there are good things about her. Does she let the goatfarmer pet her soft coat? Does she eat cheap knock-off fig newtons like a pro? Can she bounce, bounce, bounce across the field? Is she nice to Crumpet? I bet her blue eyes are beautiful and that she has cute feet and a fun little waggy tail. If you say some GOOD things about her she might quit waawaawaa-ing.

Ozarks Goat Girl said...

Here's an artistic description of one little Nubian doeling born a few days ago on our farm: She is so tiny you need a magnifying glass to verify it is a goat. She has brown and white spotches all over her. Her back legs are too long but that's not really important as she isn't up and around much trying to walk. When she does try she walks on her back ankles and that works pretty well. Hooves are overrated. Her bottom jaw is not aligned with her top jaw, but the left side of her mouth sticks out so you can see her bottom teeth all the time. It's kind of a pathetic little smile that breaks your heart. But she is nursing from a bottle and has a nice loud voice and watches everything going on around her and knows that she is very loved by her mama and her people. Her name is Hope. I am planning on her living up to it.

Anonymous said...

OGG: You have a good heart, but I think you might want to have your eyes checked. Hope is a lop eared rabbit, dear. That is different than a Nubian goat...AND the fact that the rabbit is loud is quite remarkable. She may be worth a great deal of $$$$!!

goatfarmer said...

Go Hope go!