Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Void

No one has mentioned it but there is a void. A big void.

It has been so miserable and rainy and snowy and sleety that we cannot start to fill the void.

The void can only be filled when all of us are together in the sun.

It is very easy when you are in your stall listening to rain drumming on the roof to say to yourself, "I certainly am the only one here with the intelligence and savoir faire to become the next Nigerian leader and once I have assumed  my rightful position I will make sure that certain parties do not hog all the oats and I will also announce a day in my honor where the humble peninsula dwellers may come and worship me bringing small totems of swedish fish."

But then you look around and you can read clearly the thought bubbles hanging in the air and it is apparent that everyone is thinking the same thing, except the ones who do not know fancy phrases like savoir faire, and they are thinking the same thing minus the French.

At this point it is embarrassing if you accidentally make eye contact with someone.

But let's be realistic, who could actually be the next leader?

The obvious choices would be Hannah Belle's sisters, Blue or my mother Belle Pepper.

But Blue has RPD (retiring personality disorder) and she can't even get her own children to come when she calls. And my mother Belle Pepper is too much of a free spirit, and too kindly. Next down the line would be Jammies the candy milker, a 7/8 Nigerian and a Captain January daughter like Blue and Belle Pepper. But Jammies has no stomach for herd politics. Not to mention no ears, which are kind of required for this position.

What about Eo, half Nigerian? Completely anti-social.

Abby or Moldy? Too much Oregon. Me? Too Young. Iota or Terra or the yearlings? Too young, too young, too young.

Well who does that leave then?

Stay tuned, as a new ruler emerges from the shadows....(right now pretend you are hearing a dark burst of duh-duh-duh organ music offstage, something that makes you gasp)


Marigold said...

Gasp! I hope it won't be a Nubian. The place would never be the same. I think it should be St. Penrose. Then everyone could follow her around like a guru.

Carolyn in TN said...

Yes you are in the Northwest, but I think it is small "tokens" of Swedish fish, not totems.

Goat Girls Rule! said...

Totems of treats? Now that's our kinda barn....
Best of luck to Boxcar Betty. Long live the queen.

Ozarks Goat Girl said...

Oh, Millie, the void is huge. I do not think it can be filled easily and certainly not right away even if the sun was to come out tomorrow. There will be a period of trial and error, head butt and snort and hind leg hop and evil eye and twitchy tail. Only time will tell who will rise to the top to lead the herd. I can only hope some individual was watching and absorbing Hannah Belle's tactics closer than you even know.

Ozarks Goat Girl said...

Carolyn, Millie is a very well read goat. She knows lots of big words and even knows French. In this case her use of the word totem means revered symbol as a simple token would not be honorary enough for a Nigerian leader. That Millie, despite her protestations of being too young, I believe she just might make a great herd queen.

Claire the Shepherdess said...

The herd awaits with baited breath. They cannot imagine what would happen if Lucky Nickel were not herd queen. It is a gnawing question.